Where does the Aurigas concept come from?

The Auriga method is a form of self-exploration, emotional release, and personal expansion that is named after Plato's myth: the winged chariot.


In this allegory, Plato describes the human soul as a winged carriage with an Auriga (charioteer or coachman) and two horses of different nature. Unlike the souls of the gods, in which the charioteers and the horses are all good and their caste is noble, human souls are a mixture and their horses have diverse natures. One of the horses is good and beautiful, and the other one has the opposite qualities. The charioteer has to make a great effort to keep the chaotic horse in line with the just one. When he succeeds, the wings of the chariot allow him to rise above the heavenly vault and glimpse the truth.


I’ve always been attracted to this myth and, in my translation of this image, I visualize the charioteer as a symbol of the human will, the noble horse as the higher self, and the unexperienced horse as the ego. When they allow it, human beings (represented by the whole team) are guided by their true essence, the same one that mobilizes the beautiful horse (the higher self), but they are often distracted by the clumsy horse (the ego). The ego is often blinded or ignorant and has a mixture of qualities, which is often confusing. The coachman (the will) makes decisions and experiences ups and downs as both horses usually point to different paths. The benign horse always knows where he’s going and it’s not possible to mislead him, because his essence is kind and true and he’s heading towards the truth. The other horse doesn’t know where he’s going or why, no matter how convinced he is that he does know. Sometimes both horses go in the same direction for different reasons. If the will should mature and evolve we need to get to know both horses very well. The superior one is always strong, clear, and humble; he doesn’t need to make a big fuss. That’s why the driver needs to tame the other one, which usually moves a lot and wants to be noticed.


Our mission at Aurigas is to help you explore the entire carriage (the self) to clarify all the elements. Where you are going? What are your true wishes, desires, and goals? What are the obstacles that you are putting between life and yourself that, consciously or unconsciously, might be keeping you away from your goals and true fulfillment? You have to know your ego, the absent-minded horse, in an affectionate way, to teach him, educate him, help him mature. This translates into the ability to explore and transform fears, false beliefs, limiting thoughts, misconceptions about life that lead us to sabotage our happiness, our personal and professional goals, and our relationships.


And let's not forget the path itself. Let’s learn to love every corner of ourselves, with all our gifts and limitations, so that we can enjoy, with the greatest possible bliss, this long journey until, one day, we can take flight.


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